Bruschetta w/ Apricot, Bleu Cheese, Proscuitto & Honey


8-10 Slices Sourdough or other Rustic Bread
Olive Oil
1 Large Garlic Clove
6-8 oz. Bleu or Gorgonzola Cheese
1 lb. Sliced Prosciutto
1 Cup Apricot Jam

stock photo of blue cheese.jpg

The Process

Lightly Brush Each Slice of Bread with Olive Oil-Both Side.
Grill the Slices of Bread on Both Sides-Until Toasty (indoor Grill Pan or Outdoor Grill).
Rub Garlic Clove on all Slices of bread-Both Sides.
Top each Slice of Bread with; Slices of Prosciutto, Some Cheese, a Dollop of Apricot Jam.
Arrange on Sheet Pan Lined with Parchment Paper and Heat in Preheated 350 Degree Oven, Just Until Cheese Begins to Melt- NOT Completely Melted.
Drizzle each Bruschetta with Honey- Serve Immediately.

And Enjoy!